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October 16 Announcements

Announcements for 10/16/2016

Please join us for our Fall Harvest potluck today following the Service.

Thanks to all who attended the quarterly Day of Service last week.  As part of the tidying process, we have many items to give away in the social on the round table.  The contents of the Lost-and-Found basket is also on a table in the Social Room, so please take a look and claim any items that our yours.  Moving forward, we will donate Lost-and-Found items quarterly.

There is a Devotee-to-Devotee basket in the social room to be used if you need to leave an item for another member to pick up. If you use the basket, please label your item with the name of the person you are leaving it for and the date.  Also, be sure to inform the person you are giving the item to, that it is there. Thanks for your help in keeping our Center clean and tidy.

During next Sunday’s 11am Service we will have a DVD showing of Brother Anandamoy’s talk “The Wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita” Part 2.

Our subject for today’s reading is: “The Most Tempting Temptation”.

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