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Volunteer Opportunities

“Life should be chiefly service. Every good action that you perform digs like a pickax into the soil of consciousness and brings forth a little spray from the fountain of God’s joy.”

~Paramahansa Yogananda

We welcome your interest in serving at our Center. The Seattle Center of SRF is completely self-supporting and operated entirely by volunteers. All offerings of time and enthusiasm are most welcome. Volunteer tasks range from taking a few minutes to a few hours, and you are welcome to serve infrequently or to volunteer monthly or more. If you wish to inquire about opportunities to serve at the center please contact any of the ushers or other service members after Sunday service. Those members serving on Sunday can usually be identified by a blue name badge.

Volunteer Position Descriptions


Serve as an attendant in the bookroom before and after Sunday morning and/or Thursday evening services. Help people find items for sale and handle cash box – (prefer at least 6 months attendance and must be an SRF Lessons student).


Vacuum all rooms in building or dust rooms and clean bathrooms and kitchen.


Purchase (you are reimbursed) and arrange flowers for services.


Greet people at the Sunday services – (prefer at least 6 months attendance and must be an SRF Lessons student).


Lead chanting of the Cosmic Chants on the harmonium for meditations and services – (must be an SRF Lessons student).

Helping Hearts:

Offer prayers, greetings, support and friendship to our members and friends. This can include hospital visits and running errands.


Participate in the kirtan group. Kirtan is devotional chanting accompanied by traditional Indian musical instruments such as the harmonium, tablas, cymbals, chiplas, bells and tanpura. The kirtan group leads chanting for the 3-hour meditation on the first Saturday of every month, commemorative services, 6-hour meditations and one-day retreats.


Maintain grounds, help with various gardening duties such as weeding, planting and watering.

Service Reader:

Conduct readings services using guidelines from the SRF manual of services – (must be a Kriyaban and attending Center services regularly).

Social Events:

Assist with preparations for the monthly hospitality tea, the potluck social, and/or special social events.

Sunday School / Youth Group:

Work as a Sunday school or Youth Group teacher or aide – (must be a Kriyaban and attending Center services regularly). The Sunday school includes children ages 4 years to 4th grade. The Youth Group is for children in the 5th grade and older.


Usher during services. Open and prepare chapel for services. Close chapel after services – (prefer at least 6 months attendance and must be an SRF Lessons student).