Seattle Center of Self-Realization Fellowship

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  • SRF Seattle Center

Meditation Guidelines

Before Meditation:

  • Turn-off all electronic devices (cell phones, pagers, watch alarms).
  • Arrive early enough so you can find a desired seat and also practice the Energization Exercises.
  • If you have a cough or cold or a condition that creates restlessness or will disturb others, please meditate at home.
  • If you know you will have to leave early, be sure to take a seat in the back of the chapel.
  • Wear clothing that is made of soft fabrics that do not make noise. Nylon jackets and rain gear are usually noisy. Cotton, wool, polar fleece etc. are usually quiet fabrics.

During Meditation:

  • Be as still as possible during silent periods.
  • Please, only use the restrooms, or take a drink of water, stand or do gentle stretches during the chanting periods.
  • Practice the meditation techniques so that they are inaudible to others.
  • If arriving late, please do not enter during the periods of silence or prayer, but wait until a chant begins.
  • Before entering the chapel take a seat in foyer or in the social room and pause to calm the mind and body. Preferably, enter/exit at the beginning of the chant.
  • Whenever possible, try to attend the entire meditation service.

Download the Guidelines for Meditation Etiquette

Meditation Etiquette