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Sunday School

Thank you for your interest in the Sunday School program at the Seattle Center of Self-Realization Fellowship. We look forward to sharing the teachings of our Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, with your children and are grateful that you are choosing to introduce them to these time-honored teachings at such a young age.

Seattle Center of Self-Realization Fellowship offers Sunday School classes each Sunday from 11-12 am for children ages 4 through 4th grade. Youth Group classes are offered for 5th graders and up. These classes conveniently overlap with the Sunday Service, which parents can attend while their children are in the Sunday School. If you are bringing your children for the first time, we will be happy to enroll each child and register them in our program.

Each Sunday our teachers and aides present some aspect of our Paramahansa Yogananda’s “How-to-Live” principles in a way that children can understand and enjoy. Our goal is to inspire them to love God and the Gurus and to take God into their daily lives.

While each teacher has their own style of teaching, generally you can expect your children to experience some of the following activities:

  1. At 10:50 a.m. there is often a pre-service activity. This is a good time to welcome the children individually and make them feel comfortable.
  2. The class officially begins at 11 a.m. In every class we practice prayer and meditation. The children learn to talk to God and deepen their love for Him. They learn affirmations and practice chanting. Our classes are built on a particular theme each week. The lesson may include a craft, game, service project, story or some other creative idea that is fun and spiritually engaging. Where age-appropriate, the children are introduced to the energization exercises. Each class also includes a monetary or love offering.

We ask that all children dress comfortably, modestly and avoid extreme fashions. We ask that the children arrive on time, so that each child receives all of the parts of the class without interruptions. Your children’s enthusiasm, respect and consideration of others, and their sincere desire to learn more about the Guru and his teachings, will create an environment of harmony and spiritual benefit for all.

If you have any questions or would be interested in helping or observing the Sunday School activities, feel free to email Also, more information about the Self-Realization Fellowship Sunday School program can be obtained here. We look forward to serving your children.

In Divine Friendship, The Seattle Center Sunday School Committee