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First Time Visitors

If you are new to Self-Realization Fellowship and want to know more about meditation and our services then Sunday mornings are a good service to come to for your first time.

We start with a 45-minute meditation at 10am, then a Reading Service at 11am that combines brief periods of prayer, chanting, meditation, and readings. On the first Sunday of the month, the 10am meditation is Guided Meditation with extra instructions. On the other Sundays, the meditation leader gives brief instructions and then leaves a lengthy period of silence for individuals to practice techniques on their own.

The best way to learn the meditation techniques that we practice at the SRF Seattle Center is to subscribe to the SRF Home Study Lessons.

You can subscribe here:
SRF Home Study Lessons

We don’t offer meditation classes regularly, rather we come together to practice the techniques which are taught in the Lessons. There are also some nice introductory videos about meditation on the SRF home page here:

Introductory Videos