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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no membership requirements to attend our group meditations or services – all are welcome.

You can learn more about the life of Paramahansa Yogananda by reading his book, Autobiography of a Yogi, which can be found at most major bookstores & public libraries. Self-Realization Fellowship books, CD’s, DVD’s, photographs, & application forms for the SRF Lessons are also available at our center.

You can also learn more by visiting the Self-Realization Fellowship website.

You do not need any background in meditation to attend our services, although it is helpful to have the SRF meditation techniques, which are taught in the SRF Home Study Lessons.

We meditate with closed eyes, seated on chairs. There is no need to bring any accessories.

The first Sunday of each month, our 10am Meditation Service is guided.  At other Services and group meditations, only brief instructions given. Those interested in learning the SRF techniques of meditation are encouraged to apply for the SRF Lessons.

The Sunday Readings Service (11:00 am-noon) is a good introduction for those not familiar with meditation or with SRF. The Readings Service includes shorter periods of meditation that can help one prepare for the longer periods (approx. 45 minutes) in our Meditation Services. The Sunday service also offers the best opportunity to meet & chat with other members of our center.

People are encouraged to arrive a few minutes early in order to settle in before Services begin. During the Thursday and Sunday Services, ushers will be available to allow late-comers to enter during readings and chants so as not to disturb the meditations.  Late-comers attending group meditations are asked to enter only during a chant, and otherwise to meditate in the social room.

Yes, our center is handicapped-accessible.  Wheelchairs are invited to enter through the front double doors where there are no stairs.  In 2017, we completed a new ADA-compliant bathroom which is located near the front doors of our building.

There is no charge for attending services. On Sundays & Thursdays, there is an optional offertory that helps cover our operating expenses, and allows us to assist in the worldwide humanitarian work of Self-Realization Fellowship.

If you are new to SRF, you can learn more about Kriya Yoga in Chapter 26 of Autobiography of a Yogi, in which Paramahansa Yogananda describes the history & purpose of Kriya Yoga. You can also read about the Kriya Yoga Path of Meditation on the SRF website. If you have further questions, please call Self-Realization Fellowship at 323-225-2471, and a monastic will be happy to discuss them with you.

If you have further questions about our center & its activities, please feel free to contact us.

Information regarding receipts for donations made to SRF Seattle Center is available here.