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Announcements for 11/08/2015

We will have our next day of service on Saturday, November 14. The day will begin at 9:30am with a meditation. We will have another meditation at 12:30pm followed by a delicious vegetarian lunch at 1pm that will be provided. We will then finish projects until 4 pm. You may come for all or any part of the day. All, including children, are encouraged to attend.

The Seattle Center of SRF will hold a General Meeting on Nov 15th at 12:15pm following the Sunday Reading Service. The Managing Council will present the annual budget and provide updates on other projects going on at the Center. All are invited to attend. Please note that there will not be a tea that day so that we can begin our meeting on time.

On Sunday November 22nd, we will have our annual Shoe Boxes of Joy packing and wrapping party. Please join us in the Social Room to wrap and assemble boxes of needed items to be given to the elderly and disabled who are isolated from family and friends. Light snacks will be served. You can find the list of needed items on the table under the bulletin board. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

We now have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. The links can be found on the homepage of our web site or you can search for “Seattle Center of Self­Realization Fellowship”.

The Seattle Center of SRF’s November email newsletter was sent yesterday, so look for that in your email inbox. Those who would like to subscribe can do so on our website.

Our reading for today is “The Art of Devotional Singing”.

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