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Announcements for 1/10/2016

Following the service today we will be taking down the Christmas tree and its ornaments. All, including children, are welcome to join in the fun.

We are pleased to announce that Bro. Balananda and Br. Jason will be coming to the Seattle Center February 4-7, 2016. They will be conducting the Thursday and Sunday services AND they will also be hosting a volunteer appreciation dinner on Saturday, February 5.  All who volunteer and all who are thinking about volunteering in the future will be welcome to attend.

Our Guru says, “United minds are bigger channels through which God’s power flows in a mightier way to individual souls.” To be united is for each of us to contribute to that “garland” with the blossoms of our concentration, our devotion, our stillness, and our silence, especially during group meditations. To that end, we have a new Meditation Etiquette document for those of us who are interested in group meditations here at the Center. Please pick one up in the foyer at your earliest convenience.

All are invited to join us for light refreshments in the social room after the Service. Please stop by and say hello at our information table, especially if you’re new to the Center or if you haven’t been here in awhile. We look forward to saying hello!

Our subject for today’s reading is “The Art of Developing Memory”.

Download Printable PDF Version of 1/10/2016 Announcements