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Announcements for 1/31/2016

All are invited to join us for light refreshments in the social room after today’s Service. Please stop by and say hello at our Information Table, especially if you’re new to the Center or if you haven’t been here in awhile. We look forward to saying hello!

We will be hosting monastics from SRF Mother Center this February 4th through 7th. All are invited and encouraged to attend the weekend’s events:

Thursday, February 4, Bro. Balananda and Br. Jason will conduct a  meditation and Satsanga from 7 to 8:30pm, followed by a Tea social. Please place your Satsanga questions in the basket in the foyer, or submit using the Contact Us section of our website (, as soon as possible. Please submit questions that would be relevant or helpful to the group. 

Friday, Feb 5th: There will be an outing and luncheon with the monastics, 10:00am-2:30pm. There is a sign-up sheet on the white board in the Social Room for those who wish to attend. Contact Lynn Dhanak for more information.

Saturday, Feb 6th: The monastics will lead a workshop entitled “Cultivating Divine Friendship through a Spirit of Servicefulness” from 10am-12:30pm. At 12:30 we will have a volunteer appreciation event with a catered luncheon. Please sign up on the bulletin board if you plan to attend. All are welcome. The regularly scheduled Kirtan meditation will be held 6-9pm.

Sunday, Feb 7th: Br. Balananda will lead the 10am Meditation and the 11am Service. Br. Jason will conduct a combined Sunday School class from 11 to 12 pm. We look forward to having your children partake of the spiritual fellowship that day. At 12 pm, please join us for our Potluck Social and bring a vegetarian dish to share. Thank you.

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