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October 29, 2023

Announcements for October 29, 2023

Chanting Session in Spanish & English

Directly following the Sunday reading service today, we will have a 1-hour chanting session of Cosmic Chants in a combination of Spanish and English, held in the chapel starting at 12 p.m. Printed sheets will be provided with the words to the chants. All are welcome, including children, for any length of time.

Day of Service November 4

On Saturday November 4 we will have a Day of Service. Join in the joy of fellowship and service in cleaning, gardening, organizing and carrying out maintenance tasks at the Center. Following the Saturday morning meditation which ends at 1 p.m. lunch will be provided, then we will work on service projects up to 5 p.m. For those who wish to come and meditate prior to the 1 p.m. lunch, you may enter the chapel during the noon chant, or meditate in the Sunday School room. All are welcome at the Day of Service, including children, for any length of time.

Youth Group Kirtan November 12

On Sunday November 12, our Youth will lead the Kirtan during the Reading Service. Since November 12 also falls on the celebration of Diwali, the Festival of Lights, there will be a special tea social afterwards commemorating it with Indian food and sweets. All are invited to attend.

Service Subject

The subject for today’s service is “The Guru’s Nature: Human and Divine.”

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