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Mar 19, 2023

Announcements for Mar 19, 2023

We hope you can join us for our services, meditations, and fellowship opportunities in celebration of Easter.

There will be a Good Friday 3-hour kirtan meditation from 7 – 10 pm on Friday, April 7. 

There will be a pre-Easter 6-hour kirtan meditation, 10 am – 4 pm on Saturday, April 8.

Easter Sunrise Service will take place on Sunday, April 9 from 7 – 8 am. It will be held outdoors unless raining. 

There will be a meditation service at 10am, followed by Reading Service at 11am, and an Easter Potluck at noon. Please bring a vegetarian dish to share. 

All of these events are listed on the Center’s website, and will be published in a newsletter shortly as well. 

The subject for today’s service is “The Meaning of Reincarnation”.

Printable PDF of Mar 19, 2023 Announcements