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July 31, 2022

Announcements for July 31, 2022

Our volunteers are presently working on a schedule to view some of the Convocation talks at the Center during Convocation week in August. We will update you on the schedule as details are finalized. The final schedule will be listed on our website and announced weekly. 

A reminder that cases of Covid-19 are increasing locally and nationally. You may choose to wear a mask at any time while attending services as a means of mitigating health risks and promoting safety. Masks are available at both entrances to the building. If you test positive for Covid-19, have symptoms suggestive of it, or have been in close contact with anyone positive for Covid-19, please continue to follow precautions of testing and isolation, and do not attend services while ill or positive on testing, even if you aren’t experiencing symptoms.

The subject for today’s service is “Beholding God Amidst Life’s Dualities”.

Printable PDF of July 31 2022 Announcements.