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Oct 20, 2019 Announcements

Announcements for October 20, 2019

The Seattle Center of SRF will be hosting a free public lecture titled ‘Meditation: The Source of Lasting Joy’ on Wednesday, October 23 at the Eastside Baha’i Center in Bellevue. SRF Monastics Bro. Nakulananda and Br. Troy will conduct the event, which will include a guided meditation and be followed by an informal reception.

Flyers for the event are available in the Social Room. You may post these in your area at your workplace, grocery stores, bookstores, public libraries, restaurants, yoga studios, or give them to family and friends. Please be sure to obtain any necessary permissions before posting flyers, and we ask that you go back and take down the flyers after the event is done. Your help and efforts are much appreciated.

For those on Facebook, there is a page for the event which you are invited to “Like” and share.  We also have a landing page on our website devoted to the event which includes the flyer and can be shared.

On the day of the event: If the Baha’i Center parking lot is full, additional parking is available at Kindering, across the street from the Baha’i Center, just past the Bellevue Fire Station. There is also ample street parking near the Kindering lot and the Crossroads Park.

Today after the service we’ll have our Fall Harvest Potluck. If possible we’d like to invite our monastic guests to go through the food line first and then we’ll all follow. We are planning an informal outing with the monastics tomorrow, Monday Oct 21, during the 10:30am-2pm range which will include a ride on the Edmonds ferry, a short walk, and lunch. Please see the info sheet in the social room for more info and to sign-up. The monks will also lead a 7 p.m. inspirational service on Tuesday Oct 22, the day prior to the public lecture event.

There are two new bulletin boards in the social room. You are welcome to place your business cards to provide services on the “Devotee Resources” board. On the “Devotee Request for Assistance” board you are welcome to place requests for assistance. There are post-it notes and a pen attached to the “Request for Assistance” board. Please remove the request when it has been fulfilled.

The Thursday services and study group are cancelled on Oct 31, Halloween.

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