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June 19, 2016 Announcements

Announcements for 6/19/2016

On Saturday, June 25 we will have a long meditation with kirtan from 3-9 pm to be held outdoors in the courtyard.

Please mark your calendars for our annual picnic to be held at Hamlin Park following the Sunday Services on July 10, and for our next Day of Service to be held on Saturday July 16.

Self-Realization Fellowship is pleased to announce that four new ebooks from have been published. In addition to Autobiography of a Yogi, our ebook editions of Metaphysical Meditations, The Law of Success, How You Can Talk With God, and Scientific Healing Affirmations are now available on and Apple iBooks. These classics by Paramahansa Yogananda can be read on a variety of e-readers, phones, and tablets and SRF will be releasing more titles in the coming months. Additional information can be found at

Our Center has received a donation of many framed photos of the SRF gurus, which are available in our social room for anyone to take.  Please feel free to take what you want; they are available first come first serve.

Please join us for our Father’s Day potluck today after the service.

The subject for today’s Service is: “God’s Nature in the Father”.

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