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July 10 Announcements

Please join us today for our annual summer picnic  at Hamlin Park following the service. All are invited for food, fellowship, and games.  Directions are on the bulletin board in the social room.

Our next day of service is on Saturday, July 16. Group meditations will be held at 9:30 am and 12:30 pm. A vegetarian lunch will be provided at 1 pm. We will work on cleaning and other projects till 4 pm. All are welcome, including children, for any length of time.

On Saturday, July 23, we will be have a Kirtan meditation for Mahavatar Babaji from 3 to 9 pm.

On Monday, July 25 we will have a commemorative service for Mahavatar Babaji. The commemorative service will begin at 8 pm and be preceded by a silent meditation at 7 pm. Those attending the Commemorative Service are asked to bring a flower and a monetary offering.

Our reading for today is “The Science of Kriya Yoga.”

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