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Feb 3, 2019 Announcements

Announcements for Sunday, February 3, 2019

This coming February 14 – 17, we will host a visit from SRF monastics. All are warmly invited to join us for a weekend of spiritual inspiration with our center counselor Bro. Devananda joined by Br. Lynn.

Our schedule is as follows:

Thursday, Feb 14

– 7:30 p.m. monastic-led Thursday inspirational service followed by a tea social

– The regularly-scheduled 6:45 p.m. study group will be cancelled that day

Friday, Feb 15

– 7 – 8:30 p.m. Kriyaban Workshop: Feeling the Currents

– This class is only open to SRF Kriyabans; please bring your Kriya card to be admitted.

Saturday, Feb 16

– Bro. Devananda will lead kirtan meditation 9am – 12pm

– Prior to meditation Br. Lynn will lead group Energization Exercises at 8:40am

– Note: the start time is 1-hour earlier than our usual Saturday meditation schedule.

Sunday, Feb 17

– monastics will lead the 10 a.m. meditation and 11 a.m. service

– After the services we will have a potluck and fellowship. Please bring a vegetarian dish to share.

The subject for today’s service is: “Making the Most of Sundays.”

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