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Announcements for 1/3/2016

On January 5 we will have the Birthday Commemoration Service for our Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda. Meditation will be from 7 – 7:40 and the service will begin at 8pm. Please bring a flower and donation in an envelope. Note: the Tuesday night Second Coming of Christ study group will be held as usual from 6:15-6:55pm on January 5th preceding the 7pm meditation. The 6 hour Commemorative Meditation will be held on the following Saturday, January 9, from 10am – 4pm.

Following the service on January 10 we will be taking down the Christmas tree and it’s ornaments. All, including children, are welcome to join in the fun.

We are pleased to announce that Bro. Balananda and Br. Jason will be coming to the Seattle Center February 4-7, 2016. They will be conducting the Thursday and Sunday services AND they will also be hosting a volunteer appreciation dinner on Saturday, February 5. All who volunteer and all who are thinking about volunteering in the future will be welcome to attend.

Are you new to SRF or have questions? Please visit the information table in the social room after the service.

Our subject for today’s reading is “Kriya Yoga–Royal Science of Realization”.

Download Printable PDF Version of 1-3-2016 Announcements