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June 2, 2024

Announcements for June 2, 2024

Seabeck Retreat

Please join us this Thursday, June 6, as we welcome Brother Maitrimoy for the Inspirational Service at 7pm, followed by a tea reception. Brother Shantimoy will be joining us on Friday at the Seabeck Retreat in the place of Brother Jitananda, who is unable to join us next week. If you would like to submit any questions for satsanga for the retreat, please submit them  through the website by this evening, or by leaving your question in the suggestions box in the foyer today. 

Online How-to-Live Summer Program for Children and Teens

Registration is now open for the 2024 online How-to-Live Summer Program,

which will be held June 19 – 23 for girls and boys ages 7 – 17.

The classes will be conducted in English and using Zoom, and are being

offered free of charge. To learn more and complete an application for your child or teen, please visit the SRF website at:

Reading Service

The Reading Service for today is: Eliminating Fear

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