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Announcements for 2/7/2016

All are invited to join us after today’s Service for our Potluck Social. We look forward to sharing in the food and fellowship with you.

Please note that we have recently switched service providers for our monthly email-newsletter.  The most recent newsletter was sent out this past Thursday, so please ensure that you received it. The sign-up for our newsletter can be found at the lower left corner of our home page

A printed copy of yesterday’s volunteer workshop “Cultivating Divine Friendship Through a Spirit of Servicefulness” will be posted on the bulletin board for anyone who wishes to review it.

We have been fortunate this weekend to be hosting monastics from our guru Paramahansa Yogananda’s ashrams:

Br. Jason is currently conducting the Sunday School classes, so you’ll be able to meet and greet him after the Service. He currently serves as the advisor from Center Department to our Center as well as other SRF Centers and Groups in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean.

Bro. Balananda has been a monk for over 32 years serving in the Film Department at Encinitas, as Youth Minister at Lake Shrine, and presently as Minister-in-Charge of the Phoenix temple.  Bro. Balananda will be our minister for today’s service.

Download Printable PDF Version of 2-7-2016 Announcements